This is why BlendUp is different from other exporters...

1. BlendUp exports clean geometries with quads and n-gons

Standard exporters like Collada create unorganized triangles sets with duplicated vertices, wrong normals and incorrect texture coordinates. Because of that, you need to spend hours cleaning your model.

BlendUp ensures that the exported Blender geometries match as much as possible to the source SketchUp geometries.
SketchUp faces are translated into quads and Blender n-gons. No vertex is duplicated and custom split normals are created. Front and back materials are defined for each polygon as applied in SketchUp.

2. BlendUp makes rendering easy

SketchUp materials are automatically converted to Blender Cycles materials.
Using our powerful "Append" functionality, you can add your SketchUp model to an existing Blender file and BlendUp will automatically match existing materials based on their names!

3. BlendUp preserves hierarchy and instancing

The hierarchy you get in Blender matches the one defined in SketchUp's outliner: same names and same parenting relationship.
SketchUp components are also properly translated into Blender mesh instances. We also have an option to turn them into Blender groups.

4. BlendUp maintains accurate dimensions and units

BlendUp supports both imperial (inches) and metrics (meters) systems. One meter (or inch) in SketchUp will be one meter (or inch) in Blender. No need to hack your model scale!

5. BlendUp makes lighting a breeze

The shadows displayed in SketchUp are automatically imported in Blender!

6. BlendUp converts all SketchUp views to Blender cameras

Your current view in SketchUp and all your SketchUp scenes are automatically translated into Blender cameras. What you see in SketchUp is what you get in Blender!

7. BlendUp makes SketchUp edges useful in Blender

SketchUp edges are really easy to define, show or hide. BlendUp can mark them for you in Blender: for unwrapping, for the edge split modifier or for freestyle. This can be really helpful if you are planning to rework your geometry.

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